War of words between Benyamine and Krantz heats up

BenyamineWe love a good rivalry, especially when there’s a healthy dose of shit tallking involved. Add five-figure pots and arguably the hottest woman in poker to the mix, and we love it 64% more. So you can imagine our delight when we came across the brewing drama between high stakes pros Benyamine and Jay Krantz.

It all starts when David quits a game with Krantz to play HU with durrrr. Krantz (understandably) gives it to David a bit in the chat box:

pr1nnyraid: david
pr1nnyraid: you realize that is piss poor etiquette right?
pr1nnyraid: dont play heads up if youre going to quit without
warning and say “500/1k with durr”
pr1nnyraid: i want to play you heads up because you are a
huge fish
pr1nnyraid: so come play me heads up
pr1nnyraid: you have tons of money and a wsop bracelet, you
can at least give me warning when you are going to quit me
pr1nnyraid: and i know you can read the chat
pr1nnyraid: id give you warning as well, except i would never
ever quit you

It’s certainly not the first time someone has talked trash in a chat box, but for some reason this particular instance brought about a public response from David’s fiance, Erica Schoenberg. Here’s the best part of a fairly long post:

Like this guy last night, Pyramid or whatever silly screen name he uses… I’ve seen this player a couple of times on the no limit tables, but never playing the other games so I imagine he’s just a typical NL ass-clown. (You know the type – started playing in high school or college, probably after discovering poker through his Magic the Gathering friends.) Ahhhhhh, scratch this blog…

Krantz replies on his blog:

I’ll preface this by saying I have no hate for DB at all. With that said… I kind of want to rant about how I’m actually extremely qualified to talk about online cash game etiquette or, how I really can’t begin to think of anyone who has made it to 300/600NLH (and played it regularly for the past 1.5 years) and then gone broke to some “crafty live vet.”

But that would just be silly. Instead, I’ll set a few things straight. I don’t play Magic the Gathering! I graduated college in ‘06. And I know it’s tough to swallow, but yes I will not quit “Mr. B” if he plays me HU NLH and would love for that to happen sometime soon.

… and then issues this challenge to David:

Erica seems to have a lot of faith in DB and his ability to destroy my bankroll. I know he’s not that good at multitabling, so I hereby challenge David to a match: 2 tables of 200-400 or 300-600 HU NL. 4 matches at least 3 hours long each. No side bets, no escrow, just David’s word that he’ll play for extended periods of time and back up his girl’s trash talk.

Try to beat me.


Fun stuff.

Here is the original:
War of words between Benyamine and Krantz heats up

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