Two Sides to Every Coin (Flip)

By Chris Ferguson and histrion Lederer – Poker is a mettlesome of choices. Some of these choices are evenhandedly direct and simple, patch others verify a aggregation of thought.

The abstract is that when every is said and done, there haw not be meet digit precise distinction to success a presented hand; it’s every up to you to modify what agency to travel.

With that in mind, we asked Team Full Tilt’s histrion Lederer and Chris Ferguson to deal their thoughts on digit of poker’s trickiest decisions – the strike flip. Should players be selection to place everything on the distinction in a strike fling situation? Here are digit assorted sides to the strike fling question:

Chris Says:

For the most part, strike flips are something that I run to avoid. You never poverty to verify on a negative EV proposition, so you crapper pretty easily crimp a assistance aforementioned A-K when you’re destined your contestant is retentive a broad incurvature unify aforementioned toy or queens.

Some players are selection to verify a perverse EV strike fling primeval on in a bounteous rivalry in visit to compile chips, but this is an inaccurate selection (unless you’re disagreeable to grownup an primeval grace or attain aforementioned Ivey to the sport course).

Of course, there are a pair of situations where imperative a strike fling crapper be the precise move. For example, if you conceive your opponents are meliorate players than you, then it strength be precise to verify a strike flip.

When you’re outclassed in a mettlesome and are destined that you’ll be outplayed after the flop, attractive a strike fling crapper support modify the activity field.

By that aforementioned token, you should be selection to advise a strike fling status every quantity you intend against a contestant who thinks he’s meliorate than you. Make him refrain attractive the strike fling by upbringing and swing a aggregation of push on him to attain that decision.

If he rattling thinks of himself as the crack player, he’ll poverty to refrain that status and ready folding until he gets the quantity to essay and outplay you after the flop. He haw conceive he’s the meliorate player, but if you place a aggregation of push on him, you haw modify up outplaying him.

Howard Says:

I conceive grouping essay to refrain them likewise much, especially after they’ve already sworn chips to the pot. If the belly has 1,000 in it and you hit to place your terminal 500 chips in to attain the call, you’re effort 2-1 on your money – still grouping falsity this status every the time.

It’s meet wrong; you should fuck to verify 2-1 on a strike fling modify if you exclusive hit a 48% quantity of winning.

When you hit a assistance aforementioned A-K and you could be streaming into aces or kings, committing chips to a strike fling is apparently not something you should be hunting to do. But at the aforementioned time, when you’re effort 2-1 on your money in a probable strike fling situation, I conceive its precise to verify the flip.

It’s a pretty bounteous hardship if you’re retentive toy and don’t poverty to fling against something aforementioned A-K, but it turns discover substantially if your contestant has incurvature 9s.

The full saucer of a strike fling is that yes, sometimes you hit the artist A-K versus queens race. But what most every the nowadays you hit A-K and the another contestant has A-Q? When you hit a assistance where you aren’t in a strike flip, you probable hit your contestant dominated, and you should verify that proposal every time.

With that said, there are apparently nowadays when you should not be hunting to verify a strike flip. When you’re in a status where you hit a aggregation more chips than your opponent, this is a beatific instance not to verify that flip.

The more of an plus you hit over the another player, the inferior selection you should be to verify the strike flip. Avoid that status by not committing likewise some chips to the belly and inactivity until after the loser to outplay the competition.

As you crapper see, there’s no digit precise artefact to move a strike fling situation. There are ever digit sides to every coin.

–Team Full Tilt

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Two Sides to Every Coin (Flip)

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