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Ziigmund gets called out

Especially when you’re playing online with the same players every day at nosebleed stakes, getting to know your opponents, and trusting your reads are the most important thing a player can do.

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H.O.R.S.E. Poker Strategy: In the Mix — Starting Out in Badugi and Triple Draw

Last week we took a quick look at one of the earliest decisions a player has to make in a game that everyone loves to hate — razz. This week we’re continuing the lowball theme by looking at two other lowball games that have…

McSweeney uncorks win at Irish Poker Festival

Despite the likes of Ladbrokes Poker pro Roy Brindley and Pot-Limit Omaha World Champion Marty Smyth being in the mix, it was Jimmy McSweeney from Cork, Ireland, who took home the win. He had plenty of competition as well. Earlier in the week the capacity for the €550 main event of the Irish Poker Festival was raised from 625 to 750 when organizers realized how popular the event was going to be.

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Denver resident wins HPT event

  Ramadanis, 31, is a sound engineer in Denver who turned a $340 qualifier entry into a seat in the one of the Heartland Poker Tour’s largest events this year. With 386 players turning up for the Texas Hold’em main event, the HPT Mile High Poker Open boasted a $582,600 prize pool. Ramadanis pocketed $174,780 of that for the win

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This time around the Asian Pacific Poker Tour sets its sights on that isolated pair of islands to the south of Australia better known as New Zealand. This marks the first time PokerStars has ventured into New Zealand and, in all likelihood, the biggest poker tournament ever held in the country. APPT Auckland will, of course, take place in the largest city of New Zealand, known for its impressive Sky Tower, bustling night life, rugged coastline and temperate climate.

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SSIGI asks governor to end net gambling ban

“The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative calls on Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to support the regulation of Internet gambling as a way to protect Kentuckians and generate billions of dollars in new revenue, rather than seeking to prohibit the activity,” said Jeffrey Sandman, spokesperson for SSIGI. Beshear and other elements of the Kentucky government have moved to seize 141 online gambling site domain names from sites they believe are illegally doing business in Kentucky. According to the law, the state has the right to seize and forfeit “gambling mechanisms” associated with illegal online gambling.

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zubs1aa picks up big win in Bodog Poker Open

Plenty of players were interested in trying to turn a profit in the $500 buy-in event on Sunday. A total of 477 players turned up, but Arik “zubs1aa” Marks topped them all for the first-place prize.

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Duplicate Poker bids farewell

The poker site, which had touted itself as the only legal online poker room in the United States, now just has a message to its players on its homepage announcing its closure. The message says: Dear players, Duplicate is sadly bidding farewell to its players. Caught in the middle of the global financial situation the company is not able to continue to provide service.

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Online Poker Tips to Make You a Guaranteed Winner

As more and more people are hooked to playing online poker, there are also more and more tips, techniques, and strategies on the internet whose purpose is to make one win the game. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed especially if one is a beginner, so here are;

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Great Golfing In Las Vegas

The Greater Las Vegas area is home to more than 60 golf courses. The courses range from championship quality links to more modest learner’s courses, making the area ideal for anyone to play golf. The casinos might be fun for some, but others enjoy taking in a little outdoor scenery as well.

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Gambling Addiction: Do Something Before It Goes To Far

In recent years, researchers have been doing work to try and identify what causes gambling addiction. Like alcoholism and smoking addiction, gambling addiction can cause often life altering problems for a person if the problem goes unchecked. Most studies show that gambling problems arise because of a couple of things;

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