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Are Casino Slot Machines Worth the Gamble?

Casino Slots and slot machines have been a lucrative destination for players for a long time. They are also known as fruit machine in Britain and Poker machine in Australia.

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Las Vegas – Interesting Facts

Las Vegas is the capital of world gambling.

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Tournament Poker

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to play poker online or in a brick and mortar casino. This strategy will make you a better tournament poker player. One of the most overlooked aspects of winning poker is attitude

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MGM Mirage to build a city on Las Vegas Strip

MGM Mirage Casino Giant has plans for a mega-resort to be built right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. The “Project CityCenter” as MGM officials call it, will stand on the 66-acre site located between Belaggio and Monte Carlo, on Las Vegas Strip. The Boardwalk hotel now occupies part of this area

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H.O.R.S.E. Poker Strategy: In the Mix — Defending the Bring-in Bet in Razz

Razz — the game that poker players love to hate.

Brit’s poker session has record potential

Unless, of course, you are Dave Cain. In that case, the action is likely just getting going

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Bodog Poker Open II goes down Sunday

Playing in the event is as easy as registering in the main tournament lobby for a $470 + $30 seat, and a chance at winning your share of $300,000. With $350,000 in cash and prizes awarded last week, and a minimum of $300,000 more being won on Sunday, Bodog’s Poker Open II is a resounding success

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Slot Machines – “One-Armed Bandits” – A Short History

Slot Machines, also known as “one-armed bandits” are a unique game of chance, in that they only require one player – you – and you can play at your own pace. There are no other players or dealers hurrying you to place a bet, turn a card, etc

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Online Bingo is a Danger to Kentuckian Society

Online bingo is under siege again! Not by the entire USA, this time just one state is on the warpath, Kentucky. Today the Kentucky courts ruled in favour of a judgment on behalf of the good citizens of Kentucky and ordered a mass seizure of 141 online gambling domain names that have the audacity to offer their services to the needy citizens of Kentucky.

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Players get a taste of freeroll cash

Just to name a couple of examples, Full Tilt Poker offers a $3,000 weekly freeroll, and Titan Poker ponies up $1,000 each week for a freeroll, both exclusively for PokerListings players. Sept.

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CAP releases statement on ASOP tourney raid

According to the release, CAP made every effort to abide by the local Spanish laws and was caught off-guard by the police action. Furthermore, CAP legal representatives had allegedly cleared all legal issues prior to the event, making it clear it was a private freeroll-style tournament that was not open to the public. “We don’t put these tournaments on without permission, which is exactly why we have a specific registration system and a number of checks that affiliates go through to gain the password.

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