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PKR to enter live-event realm

PKR announced this week it is launching its first-ever live poker festival, PKR Live, Nov.

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MotionX Poker – CNET News

MotionX Poker CNET News, CA – 2 hours ago Test your Poker skills, challenge the casino, and win! In classic card Poker a full house beats a straight, but in dice Poker (because there are only 5 …

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US captain gambling on Holmes – National Post

National Post US captain gambling on Holmes National Post, Canada – 21 hours ago Hunter Martin, Getty ImagesJB Holmes averages 310 yards off the tee, the main reason US captain Paul Azinger used one of his four picks to add the …

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$20k PLO flips the new deuce-seven?

$200/$400 PLO is pretty diverting as it is, with plentitude of the game’s large obloquy movement in for Brobdingnagian sessions and no insufficiency of $100k+ pots to check modify hands.

Every … more

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Stud Poker Strategy: Fifth Street Quiz, Part 2 of 2

In the last column I asked you what your best betting action would be with a certain hand on fifth street. Let’s reprise the hand situation: The game is $20/40 stud with a $3 ante and a $5 forced bet from the low card.

Lee: Day 2B

Bernard Lee changed gears late in Day 2B, resulting in his elimination from the main event.

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Wojciechowski: Favre holds best cards against Packers

The Packers are playing high-stakes poker with Brett Favre, but it’s a game they can’t win, writes’s Gene Wojciechowski.

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Rehabilitate Free Poker Odds

Free cards ratio rebut the body of Brobdingnagian expiration that become with criminal plays.  Free cards ratio are the manoeuvre to support players see the ratio and rehabilitate losing hands.  … more

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Strategy Snapshot: Suck-Out at the Deathmatch

With the magnitude of online state event in the Dhegiha games, we invoke to a time assistance for this strategy snapshot. This assistance is from the fifth-biggest belly of the … more

The Online Railbird Report: Cao Tops the Winner List Over Slow Weekend

A look at the recent high-stakes cash game action on Full Tilt where Rui Cao profited nicely over a light weekend of action.

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April High Stakes: Antonius Arrives

Team Full Tilt Pro Patrik Antonius, who’s had a mediocre 2011, absolutely crushed his competition winning $2.3 million in April. Strangely his amazing hot streak began almost immediately after U.S.

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