Strategy Snapshot: PA Sentenced to the Cooler

It stands as the second-biggest pot ever online – for a truly sick $605,000 – and now temporarily sits in David Benyamine’s bankroll. But it could have – and perhaps should have – belonged to Patrik Antonius.


Seat 1: PrtectYaNeck ($117,693)
Seat 2: David Benyamine ($557,483.75)
Seat 3: Patrik Antonius ($301,874)

The button is in seat #3

Game: $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold’em, RailHeaven, Full Tilt Poker

The Setup

The hand starts out with a deep-stacked Patrik Antonius raising off the button to $3,500. PrtectYaNeck folds and David Benyamine three-bets to $16,000. Antonious smooth-calls and they take a flop heads-up of 6c Js Th.

Benyamine bets $28,000 into the $32,500 pot and Patrik makes the call.

The turn comes Ac and Benyamine checks. Antonious bets $54,000 and Benyamine check-raises to $312,000. Antonious makes the call for all his chips.

When the cards are turned up Antonious shows 6d 6s for a set of sixes and Benyamine shows Ah Ad for a bigger set of aces.

The river comes the Qh and the second-biggest pot ever played online, for a whopping $604,247, is sent to David Benyamine.

The Breakdown

In a three-handed game, Antonius raises the button with 6d 6c to $3,500. So standard, it’s hardly worth mentioning.

Pocket pairs are great hands and are huge winners with deep stacks in position. Add to the mix some short-handed play, and 66 is a veritable monster.

PrtectYaNeck gets out of the way and Benyamine three-bets to $16,000 with Ah Ad. Benyamine has been walking on water lately and he shows it here, picking up aces three-handed. He jacks it up for value from out of position.

Antonius makes the call. The stacks are deep and he’s in position; if he flops a set he stands to win a huge pot.

The flop comes 6c Js Th. Benyamine has an overpair, and fires $28,000 for value. He is so far ahead of Antonius’ range that his bet here will be called or raised a high percentage of the time by much worse hands.

Antonius, of course, flopped a set, and elects to flat-call to trap Benyamine. Ideally he would like Benyamine to make a pot-committing turn bet that he can raise all-in over the top of. There is no reason to raise a flop that dry, so he flat-calls.

The turn brings the nightmarish Ac. This is the dreaded two-outer for Antonius, although he doesn’t know it.

Benyamine now checks – a great way to play a strong hand on the turn. Three-bet pre-flop, bet the flop and check the turn when called. Often, your opponent will think you give up and you can get a check-raise in on the turn.

Antonius still thinks he has by far and away the best hand, and with good reason. Most three-handed pots are won with one pair. A set on a dry board is a massive hand.

A rule of thumb in even full-ring games is if you don’t go broke set over set, you played it wrong. Bigger sets happen so infrequently that it makes folding a smaller set almost impossible.

Antonius bets $54,000 on the turn when checked to. When Benyamine shoves all-in for $312,000, Antonius probably fist-pump-called.

That elation would have only lasted a second before Benyamine showed his turned bigger set. Benyamine then dodges the one out and earns the second-largest-pot-of-all-time honors: $604,247.

All in all, a sick hand for a sick pot.

Antonius might not have to wait long to get his money back, however, with so many players clamoring to play the $500/$1,000 RailHeaven games.

With a reserved seat at that table and a chip on his shoulder, you can bet you’ll find PA sitting most nights of the week.

And hey – the guy could use a little adversity in his life. I was starting to think he had it too easy. I mean look at him.

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Strategy Snapshot: PA Sentenced to the Cooler

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