Strategy Snapshot: Much to durrrr’s Dismay

Another day, another starring role for Tom “durrrr” Dwan in the strategy snapshot – this time, unfortunately, on his way to a $1 million dwanswong courtesy of the white-hot David Benyamine.


Jay “pr1nnyraid” Rosenkrantz ($47,953.80)
Tom “durrrr” Dwan ($217,807.60)
David Benyamine ($457,281.25)

David Benyamine has the button

Game: $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold’em, RailHeaven, Full Tilt Poker

This hand comes to us by way of MarketPulse and came in a sick session between durrrr, David Benyamine and Krantz. The bulk of the action was durrrr versus Benyamine, with durrrr finishing the night off down a ridiculous sum of $1 million.

Today we’re focusing on the biggest hand of the session, which saw Benyamine scoop a $434,114 pot.

The Setup

Benyamine raises off the button to $3,000. Krantz gets out of the way and durrrr three-bets out of the big blind to $7,800. Benyamine smooth-calls the $7,800 and they see a flop heads-up.

The flop comes 7d Jc 4d and durrrr bets $15,600. Benyamine tanks before eventually raising to $37,000. durrrr, not too worried about the reraise, puts in another raise to $83,400.

Benyamine eventually says enough is enough and shoves all-in for $272,300. durrrr, with the smaller stack, calls off his last $123,607.

When the cards are turned over we find that durrrr is trailing with his Ad Js – top pair, top kicker – to Benyamine’s 4h 4s for a set of fours.

The turn brings the Ah, giving durrrr four more outs, but the river bricks the 3d and Benyamine’s set is good for the $436,114 pot.

The Breakdown

David Benyamine starts the hand out with a super standard raise off the button with 4h 4s to $3,000. Pocket pairs are great hands short-handed. When they flop sets they win big pots, simple as that.

durrrr, with a big ace three-handed, has no choice but to jack it up for value with Ad Js. This hand is way ahead of Benyamine’s raising range but it’s also way ahead of his calling range. So he reraises to $7,800 for value.

Benyamine makes the call because the stacks are deep and he has great implied odds should he hit his set.

The flop comes 7d Jc 4d and durrrr fires $15,600 with top pair, top kicker. Top pair, top kicker is a huge hand here, and many worse hands call, so durrrr makes this bet for value.

Unfortunately for him, Benyamine floppped a set of fours so he has his own value betting in mind.

Benyamine raises it up to $37,000. The beautiful part is that Benyamine could be doing this with everything from a gut-shot to a flush draw, to a smaller jack, to even a pair of sevens.

durrrr now has a decision to make. If he calls, the rest of the hand will be difficult to play out of position. Also, Benyamine’s range is still fairly wide.

He decides that a three-bet is in order and makes it $83,400 to go. This is another great bet. durrrr is known for his aggression and could just as easily be three-betting a flush draw or straight draw in this spot.

We of course know neither durrrr or Benyamine are raising light in this particular situation. Benyamine has a set in fact, and shoves all-in over durrrr’s three-bet.

durrrr has put far too much into this pot to fold now and with 50% of his stack already invested, he calls off the last 50%, or $123,607.

Much to durrrr’s dismay, Benyamine is right at the top of his range with a set of fours. The turn brings a little hope with the Ah but the river bricks out 3d and Benyamine is shipped another massive pot.

Unfortunately for durrrr, Benyamine has been running insanely well over the last few weeks. He seems to always have it in the big pots and durrrr is left with a big, but second-best hand.

But hey, on the plus side, at least the RailHeaven games run pretty regularly. Right? Right?

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Strategy Snapshot: Much to durrrr’s Dismay

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