Pokerstars Suckout Stepchild(Joe Hachem table visit)

A message to my critics: I’m Magic and I fold pocket Aces preflop on this scam site Bitch!

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25 Responses to “Pokerstars Suckout Stepchild(Joe Hachem table visit)”

  1. gsxr750ia says:

    Great video as always magic! Joe hachem says he’s seen the vids i bet
    because Jokerstars sent out a memo. The very comment about him referring to
    ya as an Idiot PROVES it to me. HE KNOWS IT’S RIGGED, they pay him to play
    there! I wonder if he would play at jokerstars if they didn’t have to pay
    him to play there.It’s obvious to me Jokerstars AND fullriggedtilt are
    complete scams, Poker Programs designed to cheat good players, especially
    one’s that point out it’s rigged. Keep up the good videos!!!

  2. michael gauthier says:

    magic after watching all your videos ur damn right Pokerstars is fucking
    ridiculous thats why usa is done with this Joke

  3. MrCitalo says:

    where is he playing his sponsor site?he play not and knows why.XD

  4. Dylan Fitzpatrick says:

    OK, the end of the video was just fuckin creepy.

  5. MrBB6953 says:

    @ZEDZOR2 : the joke is about the software being rigged and making real
    poker players mad because they know they are better than the people they
    are playing against. Don’t know what other joke you are looking for here.

  6. MrCitalo says:

    why this serius “,,,ister hachem”stop playing on his random sponsorsite?

  7. likeasamboodeh says:

    joe hachem is a fucking phagget

  8. TheZadar99 says:

    are you play poker now and why?

  9. aryon costa says:

    magic is always right and no matter what other trolls say pokerstars is
    rigged take it or leave it people NEVERWINS

  10. Tuber Youb says:

    i get beat all day long especially @ river


    magicccc u talk out of my soul man,,,,,, last sunday i loose on the
    fuckinnnn rigggedddddd sunday million,,,i wait for fuckin 2h for a big hand
    and finaly get the ffff AA raiseeeee reraiseeeeeeee all innnnnnn call AA vs
    AA…. and he got the fuckinnnnn flushhhhhhhhhhh… POKERSTARS IS JUST THE
    KIDPOKER team pro player lickin the ass of owner of pokerstars they are
    just bitchisssssss

  12. magic612 says:

    @orangesoda1955 typical day on tht crappy site I tell ya

  13. magic612 says:

    @ZeroNadaZilch none at all he cant win wth 2 damn cards now hes trying 4 lol

  14. Vince Cartwheel says:


  15. STEVE2718LUV says:

    Al your a prick

  16. JamZee says:

    playing on stars seriously feels like i not only have to beat my opponents
    but i have to beat the software too and that is virtually impossible when
    they bait you to fuck with your ace king when you check a flop j8j heads up
    to the flop.. king came on the turn and i mucked instantly to his bet
    because i knew they where baiting me in i knew he had a jack and sure
    enough he shows jack ace

  17. Plaid Pete says:

    @MrBB6953 I think Magics points are made clear hes not a random nutcase or
    another ranting troll.Im out!

  18. magic612 says:

    @gsxr750ia as always chris great post my friend and ty.

  19. rogitg says:

    I used to playing poker on PS, and after many of hands I must agree with
    this video. This is unbilivible how does it is rigged about increased
    action (rake) and decreased cashouts for good players. Concept is to hold
    money in a system till it is all raked. Sory for my english. Nice work

  20. Rocco Siffredi says:

    Pokerstars rigged 100%,odds,outs,not important.You play agains bots or
    “accounts” with touchsceen mode.This is sure, like “amen” in the church…

  21. MrBB6953 says:

    @magic612 : armed with cucumbers aimed at all the drones !!! lol

  22. magic612 says:

    @wrathi rake and bait on pokerstars more like bingo poker evryone hits the

  23. BloodyHawk39 says:

    I am now addicted to Magic’s vids!!

  24. magic612 says:

    @Wazzamazizzi were trying.

  25. sargemajor1 says:

    Feck Hatchem ! and guess what Magic I got this email from Full Tilt poker
    today “Unfortunately, due to recent legal developments in the United
    States, Full Tilt Poker is currently unable to facilitate ‘real money’ play
    from players based there. This restriction solely affects players in the
    United States. For players in the rest of the world, play continues as
    normal and no such restrictions apply” Progress for you lot ey!