PokerSavvy is an online poker rewards site that essentially offers you incentives to sign up and play at a variety of rooms. You earn points based on how much you play,

and those points can be redeemed for a variety of merchandise, tournament entries and also straight up cash.

PokerSavvy is one of the oldest incentive-offering sites of its kind, and has a solid reputation among online poker players.

PokerSavvy takes the traditional online poker affiliate model, where rooms pay advertisers for bringing them players, and extends it one step further, cutting the players in on part of the payment. PokerSavvy does this via a points system. When you sign up through PokerSavvy at an online poker room, you’re given the opportunity to earn SavvyPoints. Different rooms and amounts of play earn you different amounts of points, and points can be redeemed for merchandise and cash. Simple enough.

When you fly, you get frequent flier miles. Why not get free gifts when you play poker? At PokerSavvy, we give you SavvyPoints when you sign up for our partner poker rooms and complete the minimum requirements. You can then redeem your SavvyPoints for a cool free gifts like iPods, poker chips and poker tables.

STEP 1: You sign up with any of the 20+ partner poker rooms
STEP 2: When you deposit and play at that poker room, you get SavvyPoints
STEP 3: You redeem your SavvyPoints for great free gifts – like cash, gift certificates, iPods and more!


A nice, clean site, easy on the eyes and a breeze to navigate.

Internally, the member’s area is well-constructed, with quick access to all of the relevant information you’ll need. The shop is decent, although it would be ncie if some featured products were laid out right away.


Content Quantity / Quality
PokerSavvy has been at this for some time, and it shows. The points system is well-designed, verification and redemption are both relatively painless procedures, and the ratio of points to value is pretty generous, all things considered. The site also includes some community features, like articles and forums, that are both fairly active.

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