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Poker Office 5 Review

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Poker Office 5 is not only a real time poker odds calculator but also means that you can model your opponents and also calculate probabilities of upcoming hands, while you tend to be playing. See below for all the features and benefits of with all the poker tool from Poker Office 5.

Routinely watches your game in addition to offers instant odds, studies, graphs and analysis. Advanced post play analysis within your own and your oppositions play with our poker program. Opponent statistics, betting measures, pot odds and probabilites directly for the table with our poker application.

Live Game Tracking

Poker Office 5 allows you to track all your opponents actions together with your own game, while you might be playing, without any need for hand histories or user input. It stores every one of the collected data and produces you summarized statistics information, spreadsheets, and graphs of you own and your opponents perform.

Real Time Heads Up Display

A built in HUD that can overlay statistics, player actions and odds for the actual poker table. This way you will forever have full control within the present game state as a way to exploit weaknesses in your opponents.

Hand Replayer

Graphically replay a range of hands. Possibility in order to replay specific sessions, entire tournaments or number of hands. Comes with quite a few special features, such as:

  • Automatic pot odds, outs, odds, best hand, pot size, etc.
  • Possibility to change the current odds view to any player around the table.
  • Authentic Overlay! Will display exactly the same overlay in the replayer as you had during play.
  • Filter out any situation you like to analyze in your game, such as middle pair on the flop, flush draws, etc, and replay all these situations as a single session.
  • Possibility to step through games, between games, specify speed, filter overlay statistics, and more.

Extended Graphs

A quantity of new graphs to view any statistics of choice. Can be used to analyze how the specific playing style affects the particular

generated profit. You can for instance print profit, saw flop % and aggression factor inside the same graph and see how your winnings correlate together with these parameters.

Real Time Mucked Cards in Overlay

Questioning what your opponent experienced when he called your current river bet? Now you will observe the mucked cards instantly on the overlay. Some sites present the mucked cards in their hand histories; according for you to standard poker rules, you for a player, have the right to view your opponents mucked cards when you will find there’s showdown (it’s the same in a very real casino). Poker Office 5 fetches these from your hand history and presents them for you in a nicer arrangement during play.

Poker Odds Calculator

Poker Office 5 provides you with the ultimate poker odds calculator. See your odds for prospective hands after flop, switch and river in real-time. Your poker odds calculator displays your hand, the ranking of your hand and ideal poker hand with the cards about the table.

Get Poker Office 5 Key For Free

Get Poker Office 5 for free in 3 easy steps!

Sign up with among the poker rooms to receive a free license of that poker odds calculator. Poker Office 5 software not simply provides real time odds calculations and hand analysis but also enables you to track all of your opponents actions as long as you’re playing. On top of the particular odds calculation software web page get a signup bonus of as much as €5000! Please see the knowledge for each poker area below. For bonus information, press “Detailed Information”. Licence Types.

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