It has only taken six months

My very first entry (more…), here on this blog touched on how much I hate public transport and the lack of freedom I have had due to not owning a car. Well, it has taken six months but Pud is finally back on the road!

A few months ago, Pudding parents moved house and thanks to the profit they made and the restructuring of some finances, they were able to treat Sister Pud and I. With the bad weather closing in and Mrs P being preggers, we thought it best to buy a car as we were going to need one eventually anyway. When Mrs P’s mum heard we were basically getting a car given, she said she would pay for a year’s insurance so we essentially have a year’s free motoring! Ship it! The car is not one of the best out there and it has a few scratches and scrapes but it is well worth what “we” paid for it and will definitely beat getting the bus and train everytime I want to leave the house!

My last post about Fixed Limit v No Limit (more…) was written whilst I was feeling sorry for myself! I was having my arse handed to me every time I sat at the tables and I was stuck for about $120. Whilst this does not seem a lot to most, it represented a decent portion of my bankroll and the fact I saw no end to the losses really got to me.

I did actually play some fixed limit for about 1,500 hands but my God is it boring! I guess my analogy of FL being like Maths and Science is true as I felt like a computer sat there throwing out min-bets and calculating outs and discounted outs. Determined to “make it” as a NL cash player, I watched some more training videos by a guy by the name of Foxwoods Fiend, a nose-bleed stakes player who is light years away from me in terms of skill but who can describe situations in simple terms.

Having watched a couple of hours of these videos, I dropped to NL10 and tried to play more loosly and aggressively but at the same time not reckless. When I usually play 6-max cash games I usually play about 20% of my hands and raise about 18% of them. Over the past 1,400 hands I have upped my percentages to 28/25 and the results are very positive, so positive that I am no longer in a hole for my cash games this month.

My new style is more interesting to play but I cannot play as many tables as I need to watch out for the actions of my opponents as they start to get narked off with me constantly raising and three-betting them and start to play back more or the better ones trap me. Cutting my number of tables can only help long term as I will be concentrating on the action rather than the numbers from my software. So far so good.

The World Series of Poker Europe (more…) starts on Saturday and I am looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I will not be involved in the action but I am still doing blog updates for the WSOPE site (more…) so be sure to check in as there are some good articles up there right now from the team of bloggers. With a bit of luck I will be able to qualify or be able to afford to buy into one of the events next year!

That is all for now. As always, thanks for reading and best of luck at the tables!

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It has only taken six months

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