Goodbye and good riddance to September!

To say it was an awful month at the tables is an understatement, it was an absolute shocker! After a fantastic August, I had plans on September being following in the same vein and me being bankrolled for NL50 in October, as things stand, I am just rolled for NL10!

The one positive that has come out of this month is the importance of bankroll management (more…) and sticking to the limts you can afford to lose at. On more than one occasion I played way above my bankroll in order to chase losses and each time I did this, I ended up losing again, only bigger.

So a new rule for October and that is employ proper bankroll strategy. I will be playing with a minimum of 20 buyins for NLHE and will take a shot at the next level up when I have 15 buyins, dropping back down if I drop 2 buyins at that level. I have banished my poker demons and I am ready, once again, to grind out the games and show a profit. I have done it before and I will do it again.

During my couple of days break, I read a ton of poker magazines and articles and one common theme amongst the top players of NLHE is that you should play your own game and not try to simply copy another player. There is no right or wrong way to play poker but I like to have stats that deviate towards the “norm” where as these top players all agree that you should just play your own game and adapt to the table conditions. Forget LAG and TAG styles (more…), by the end of the year people will be playing a PUD style! LOL!

Mrs P and I went for out first scan and I am pleased to report that all is well with Baby Pud. From the head measurement we have been told that Mrs P is 14 weeks pregnant and that a target due date is March 29, 2009. Knowing out luck baby Pud will make an appearance on April Fool’s Day! LOL!

More baby stuff, this time a shout out to BurnleyMik who’s Mrs endured a massive 41 hours of labour to finally give birth to baby Jacob weighing 8lbs 2oz! Many congrats to you both!

Final shout out goes to Chris ‘Moorman1’ Moorman who is absolutely flying in the WSOPE Main Event. I have followed his blog for a while now and he is a brilliant player and one who will take the time out to answer any poker related questions you put to him and with the Betfair Pros busting out, I need someone to rail for. TID Chris!

I will leave it there for now and keep my fingers crossed for a good start to October, as I do not think I could bare another month like September!

As always, thanks for reading and best of luck at the tables!

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Goodbye and good riddance to September!

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