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Full Tilt Poker is one of the recent success stories in online poker. Currently, Full Tilt Poker sits number 3 on the list of biggest online poker rooms. Until recently, this site has concentrated on U.S players and is one of the few rooms that remained in the U.S following changes in U.S legislation. As a result, the site picked up a lot of U.S players that were previously on other sites. However, Full Tilt Poker is now increasing their focus on foreign language markets in an effort to build their brand in Europe and the UK.
Full Tilt Poker’s main marketing efforts have centered on recruiting the best players in the world who form Team Full Tilt. These players provide massive branding for the company as they give tremendous exposure to Full Tilt Poker when playing offline tournaments all over the world. Further Full Tilt Poker Bonus Code offers.
First Deposit Bonus

Full Tilt Poker is endorsed by the biggest pros, so it only makes sense that we would offer the biggest sign-up bonus. That’s why they’ll match your first deposit up to $600, just for signing up.


This is the most generous sign-up bonus anywhere online. Simply start playing at any of our real-money games, Sit & Gos, or tournaments, and you’ll start earning Full Tilt Points right away. As your points total grows, we’ll put cash in your account. It’s that simple. Plus, you get to keep the points!

Limits and Rake
Full Tilt Poker has a range of limits to suit all levels. No Limit Texas Holdem starts at $0.05/$0.10 and extends through to $500/$1000. Omaha High/Low, Stud and Stud High/Low extend through to $1000/$2000. Razz begins at $0.25/$0.50 and tops out at $1000/$2000. For $0.25/$0.50 games the rake is very competitive, capped at only $0.50. For $1/$2 games a maximum of $1 is taken out. For higher limit games a maximum of $3 is raked.

Player Traffic

Full Tilt Poker is fast becoming the online poker room of choice for seasoned poker professionals. Opportunities are ripe to go up against the likes of Phil Gordon, Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Andy Bloch. Player numbers average 10,000 users per day with peak times drawing up to 40,000 players on just under 10,000 tables. This translates to a site that is always bustling with players, playing a variety of styles and limits. At peak times there may be a little queue time, but the vast number of tables available means that any time spent waiting is short.


Full Tilt Poker offers a software package that is rich with customization options. Players can select their choice of background, avatar and color options. A clock in the lobby helps you stay on track and the resizing option allows players to adjust the screen size to suit their needs. Full Tilt Poker also has a Mac option, which is great news for all Mac fans out there. The ‘Pro Chat’ room gives players the chance to either talk strategy or recall bad beats with seasoned players.

Software and Extra Features

Full Tilt Poker is a popular site. As such, the software backing it needs to be resilient, able to cope with numbers that top 40,000. The software handles this effortlessly; load times are short, animations crisp and clean and little lag time. The software was developed by the Open SSL Project and employs leading 256-bit cryptography, ensuring fairness and equality for all players.

  • Full Tilt Points – Collect these for great gifts, freeroll tournament entries and to keep track of your bonus account.
  • Hand History – Check back on up to the last 50 hands you played with this feature.
  • Notes – Simple to use and quickly accessed, the notes at Full Tilt Poker will be very useful for most players.
  • Stats – In an easy to read percentage format, the stats at Full Tilt Poker are detailed and quickly available.
  • Find a Player – Join a table with friends or go heads up with your favorite opponent.
  • Table View – Choose between Racetrack and Classic.

Customer Service

Full Tilt Poker has a number of support emails available, depending on one’s specific problem. Queries are answered promptly and accurately. The website also contains a wealth of troubleshooting information and FAQ’s.

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